Wednesday, 13 August 2014


1. Continuous Visitation
2. Revival Is Not An Automated Process

                           (1)  Continuous Visitation

The circumstances under which revival is bestowed can clearly be seen when we look at what happened in London in the mid nineteenth century, where C H Spurgeon, the pastor at that time, was barely out of his teens. Here was a church on the verge of closing, but twenty years later it was said that God’s people had enjoyed a continuous visitation of grace during all that time. According to Spurgeon, "That which would be a revival anywhere else, has been our ordinary condition." 20/18

Spurgeon was only nineteen years of age when he was invited to become pastor of New Park Street Chapel in London, and things were distinctly at a low ebb but soon after his arrival there, numbers dramatically increased to such an extent that eventually it was necessary to relocate in order to cope with the people who wanted to hear him which eventually peaked at around five thousand per service.
Great and mighty things therefore were accomplished under Spurgeon’s ministry, but there is no logical reason why such blessing came upon such a young man so quickly and upon a church that was at the point of closing down and why it lasted for so long, but possibly there were two contributing factors.
            The first was Spurgeon’s personal dedication. He said, "In that day when I surrendered myself to my Saviour, I gave Him my body, my soul, my spirit and all I had. I gave Him all my talents, my powers, my faculties, my emotions, my whole manhood," (Auto 1/194).
             The second contributing factor was prayer. It was said that "The church, was sadly reduced in numbers, and there seemed no prospect but ultimate dissolution, although there were a few in its midst who never ceased to pray for a gracious revival." Auto 1/364

(2) Revival Is Not An Automated Process

According to Spurgeon the cause of a revival cannot be traced to any special agencies, so how does it commence? He said, “Our answer is this. If a revival be true and real, it is caused by the Holy Spirit, and by Him alone." 4/276.
In consequence if at this present time we are seeking blessing from on high, we need to understand that we are asking for something that will only be given under exceptional circumstances. After all, the history of the Christian church tells us that there have been only comparatively few revivals where the whole country has been affected, but nevertheless we have a responsibility in the matter if blessing is to be ours once again.
Said Spurgeon "If we could join together in supplication, then might we expect an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit, who is the actual agent, whilst the Word preached, and the prayers of the people, are the instruments, and we have thus explained the cause of a true revival of religion." 4/279

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

11am morning service Des

3pm special outreach service

Tuesday Rockwood Reccy 5:30pm

Bible study 7pm

Friday, 18 July 2014

What people are saying about the 4pm outreach service at Rockwood

My sister-in-law Sue and myself went to Roackwood mission in Brynteg the Sunday before last and we were both amazed as the the children and adults listined to a music tape,watched a video,and heard The Bible story "The Wedding at Cana", The whole hour went so quickly with Paul speaking clearly the truth that the" Lord Jesus is the way the truth and the life,no one comes to the Father except by Him," The afternoon finished with us all having juice and biscuits and doing some drawing and colouring,It was GREAT!

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

The coming week at Brynteg

10:30am children's breakfast club

11am morning worship service
Mr.David Wynn

11:15 Sunday club

4pm outreach service
" there is believing and then there is believing.....there is knowing and there is being known."
Gospel of John ch 2

Monday Ladies fellowship 2:30pm

Tuesday Rockwood Reccy 5:30pm
(Running through the holidays)

7pm Bible study

Saturday 10:30am PS3 play station Fifa tournament
Inc Gospel presentation "how at the cross the champion of the world identified with  losers to offer them a share of His victory "

- recent Gospel presentation at the YL football tournament in Liverpool 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Coming up at Rockwood

This week Chill and chat have an outing for a meal, please pray for the ladies who know The Lord to have opportunity to share Christ this setting to share with lost friends and family.


10:30 breakfast club for kids -

11am Morning service - visiting preacher Stephen Legg

Sunday club 11-12:30

4pm Outreach service. Children invite friends and family to come along
This week- Jesus clears the temple John ch 2 - Paul

Monday 2:30pm ladies fellowship

Tuesday 5:30pm Rockwood Reccy
7pm Bible study

Through the week- outreach in Brynteg and FOODBANK delivery

Upcoming Sat 26th July Fifa play station event
Computer football comp where the Gospel will be shared

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

6th July and week ahead

10:30am breakfast club for kids

11am service. Preacher Howard Williams
Inc Sunday club for kids

4pm NEW outreach service
"Jesus saves"  John ch 2 Paul

Ladies fellowship 2:30pm

5:30 Rockwood Reccy

7pm Bible study

FOODBANK delivery offered throughout the week
In the Brynteg area

Thursday, 26 June 2014

10:30am kids breakfast club then Sunday club till 12:30

11am morning service - Des Frost

4pm Matt Wynn

Week ahead
FOODBANK deliveries into Brynteg area

Monday 2:30pm ladies fellowship

Tuesday 5:30pm Rockwood Reccy
               7pm Bible study

Next Sunday morning service 11am

          New outreach service 4pm

Praise God for all He is doing in and through His church

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rockwood mission 11am morning service and 4 pm Gospel service

11am Morning service
Inc 10:30 breakfast club for kids
and Sunday club during service

Preacher Colin Bowyer

4pm afternoon service
Followed by 5 pm reshements

Preacher Paul Thorpe
Gospel of John ch 1 part 5
"Jesus changes lives"

Community coffe morning
Inc FOODBANK 10:30am

2:30pm ladies fellowship

5:30 Rockwood Reccy kids club
7pm Bible study

Please pray for the continuing outreach work during the week

Please pray for the school assembly this Friday in Brynteg primary.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

This coming Lord's day 15th June

Sunday 15th June
10:30am breakfast club for kids pre-service
11am Sunday service preacher: Howard Williams
inc Sunday club

4pm Afternoon service preacher: Paul Thorpe
John ch 1 "First things first" Andrew and John follow Christ

Week ahead:
FOODBANK and free community coffee morning 10:30am-12
Ladies fellowship 2:30pm

5:30pm Rockwood Reccy kids club
7pm Bible study

School assembly Brynteg primary, please pray for this great opportunity