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Tips Given By a Celebrity Makeup Artist For Flawless Skin

Have you ever seen that your most loved superstar's makeup is constantly impeccable? Beyond any doubt they can have photographs in magazines modified, yet shouldn't something be said about celebrity central capacities where there is no correcting? Their makeup still looks great! Their close impeccable appearance depends on makeup done by a specialist hand. You can get your makeup to look simply like theirs by figuring out how a celebrity makeup artist does it.
Tips Given By a Celebrity Makeup Artist For Flawless Skin

The initial phase in accomplishing your own particular celebrity central look is finding an establishment that fits your own particular appearance. Take an ideal opportunity to attempt an analyzer on your jaw line to check whether it matches. It's possible that you'll go home, discover that it doesn't match flawlessly, and never wear it. Far more terrible, you might be so dedicated to your buy that you'll wind up wearing it in any case, despite the fact that it doesn't match! How would you know whether it's a match?
Tips Given By a Celebrity Makeup Artist For Flawless Skin 1

The shade will vanish into your own particular skin, with no mixing. In the event that you can't see it, then it's a match! Most ladies accept that in the event that they can't see the shading then it's not going to give them the scope they require. Something else to note is that you ought to never go shabby on your water based cosmetics. Foundation is the most imperative apparatus in your makeup kit, so it ought to be high caliber. Go for brands that will take care of your skin without a doubt.The following step is to set up your skin for application. Apply a lotion and hold up five minutes to permit it to ingest into your skin. It will fill almost negligible differences and make a smoother appearance.
Tips Given By a Celebrity Makeup Artist For Flawless Skin 2

There are three ways that you can apply your foundation. You can utilize your fingers to spread it over your face, which will give you a more characteristic look. You can likewise utilize a wipe to get more scope and a more completed look. For the most consummated look, utilize a foundation brush. Begin from the center of your face and move outwards. Touch the fluid on your cheeks, button, eyelids and brow, then spread with whichever technique you believe is best for the look you're attempting to accomplish. Keep in mind, toning it down would be best.
Tips Given By a Celebrity Makeup Artist For Flawless Skin 4

Go for a shade that is one shade lighter than your own particular composition and mix with a little, level brush. You can likewise utilize concealer to cover flaws anyplace else on your skin.

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3 Holistic Nutrition Tips for Beauty

We all want to look beautiful. With good chances of selling beauty products online and offline, markets for beauty products have skyrocketed in the recent years. But using these market products alone may not help you in enhancing your beauty. Along with investing in these products you may also need to make the right food choices and follow a holistic path to maintain your health to maintain your health.
3 Holistic Nutrition Tips for Beauty

Without the right food choices you may not get the desired results from using beauty products. Poor nutrition can lead to dry skin, thinning hair, brittle nails and other ill effects on your appearance. If you are not happy with your appearance how can you be happy with yourself? This unhappiness may lead to lack of self confidence, poor performance at work and other negative feelings.
3 Holistic Nutrition Tips for Beauty4

You can follow a holistic approach to your nutrition and employing these tips will help you avert detrimental effects on your appearance. This may even boost your confidence. Here are three helpful tips for you:

1. Hydrate well

Many people forget to drink water and keep themselves hydrated constantly. This is a very important matter. Constant hydration helps in elimination of toxins, improving the elasticity of your skin, glowing of skin indicating good health, etc. Using a humidifier helps to maintain moisture levels at home. This may help avoiding your skin from drying out.
3 Holistic Nutrition Tips for Beauty 1

2. Say no-no to refined food products

Food markets are filled with sugary eats and processed foods. Consuming these tend to increase levels of inflammation in your body. This in turn results in congested digestive system that may interfere in effectively eliminating wastes from your body. You may end up with skin breakouts, clogged skin pores and brittle hair. You may instead switch to a diet of fresh produce, healthy oils and fresh water thus saving yourself from undesirable side effects from eating refined foods.

3. Rigorously follow regular juice cleanses

Regular fruit and vegetable juice cleanses helps in regulating the PH levels in your body. When proper acid levels are maintained in your body you can get rid of unwanted toxins, clean the important organs such as your skin, kidneys and liver. This will definitely give you a clear and glowing skin. Holistic practitioners vouchsafe for a direct connection between what we eat and how they impact our overall health - our teeth, skin, hair and nails. It is not hard to incorporate good nutrition into our daily life, is it? Especially if you wish to see positive results and avoid adverse effects of a poor diet. A little more care with your diet can give you that glowing look that you are yearning for. Try it!
3 Holistic Nutrition Tips for Beauty 3

We all spend way too much money to look beautiful. This is not necessary if you will simply take a holistic approach towards maintaining your health and beauty.


Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

Making Perfume an Affordable Hobby

Many women think that the more perfume bottles they have the greater joy it will bring to their lives. To me it's in the smelling and connecting the pleasure of the scents. With this concept you need not spend a cent. Let me share with you a few tips that have helped me understand my perfume tastes, learn about those scents and most importantly to stay within my set budget.

1. Smell It First - I always recommend to my friends that they should first test out smelling a new fragrance. The best part is that it is absolutely free. Just walk into any store and spray on the perfume that you want to try out. Some stores will even provide samples that you can take home.
Focus on what the perfume evokes for you before making a decision on whether you like it or not. It's important that we understand our tastes especially if we move outside of our comfort zone. Spraying perfume on a blotter is a low-commitment of which it can then be thrown away if you don't like the scent.

2. Don't Rush Into Buying - this is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Give yourself a chance to understand what your tastes are. That impulse purchase of perfume may leave you with a bottle of fragrance that you absolutely hate. If an expensive fragrance is not within your budget, then don't hesitate to ask for a recommendation to something similar that is more in line with what you can afford to spend.

3. Check Out the Classics - this is not to say that you should bust the budget by buying one of these. They can be quite costly, even the reformulated ones. However, just experiencing the impressive quality of a classic perfume is worth checking them out. Not everyone enjoys the classics so don't feel obligated if the scent isn't one that you prefer. Niche perfumes can be very fascinating but can also come with a high price tag. Many niche perfumes are really nothing more than a dressed up classical idea. Smelling the classics will give you a more informed way of making a decision.

4. Use Your Nose - don't limit your smelling just to perfume. Use your nose to smell the aromatic things around us. Such as, coffee, tea, chocolate, spices and herbs, to name a few. Training your nose to pick up on the difference in these scents will ultimately lead to better purchasing selections.

5. Buy Samples - most stores carry samples of perfume that are for sale. Nothing is more aggravating than to buy a bottle of perfume only to find out that you really don't enjoy wearing it and it just sits there unused. If you are just starting out with your perfume hobby, the most affordable approach is to start off small and build up your collection as your budget permits. Perfume doesn't last forever so having a few fragrances in your perfume wardrobe goes a long way.

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Top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Black Short Hair 2016

1. Choppy short black hairstyle

African-American women lately have embraced natural hairstyles, which are comfortable yet trendy. This hair style that is very similar to the famous pixie cut gives a boost of femininity in the midst of your busy lifestyle. The chopped up strands surely hints to a playful character, while at the same time gives birth to a low-maintenance hairstyle you wouldn't want to miss. Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Halle Berry are just a few of the icons donning this superb cut.
Top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Black Short Hair 2016

2. Glorious Fauxhawk

If you love driving a black short hairstyle against the norms, then this look is a treat for you. This is for the bold and daring women wanting natural hairstyles that are short but brave. Undercuts truly have created affinity with the versatility that can be enhanced with added color and fringes up front. You can get the total look by arching those brows and adding a pierce on those ears.
Top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Black Short Hair 2016 A

3. Feathered natural hairstyles

This cut, which was popularized in the 70s can greatly turn into a short black hairstyle. Inspired by the look of cockatoo feathers, this cut will absolutely bring out your striking personality and mark an identity people will never forget. Make sure to enjoy those upwind tresses and try to make it more fun by putting a touch of blonde or bronze. This is truly the blast from the past hairstyle that you would not regret wearing.
Top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Black Short Hair 2016 B

4. Short spunky spirals

If you can't get enough of curly natural hairstyles, then you should up the level and set some spirals on your hair. A lot of African-American women prefer wearing their curls to the highest intensity and one way to achieve this is by using flexi-rods. Flexi-rods can give this short black hairstyle greatly defined curls unlike hot curling irons which gives less twists. Make the most out of this crazy beautiful hair-do and liven it more with shades of reds and platinum.
Top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Black Short Hair 2016 C

5. Bob and bangs

Bob cuts never go out of style especially for black natural hairstyles. A bob cut is usually cut straight around your head and can be jaw-length or chin-length. Any kind of bob cut, whether it's the A-line, Asian, shaggy, or buzz cut bob, would still flatter black short hairstyles. Black women who love this cut gamely pairs it with frills or bangs, making the look a lot chic and classy.
Top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Black Short Hair 2016 D

The evolution of black natural hairstyles has already gone to different stages and lengths but short black hairstyles are never out of the list. A lot of black women undoubtedly are fond of getting this hairstyle because of its low-maintenance quality and the uniqueness it brings to their character. Guaranteed to make heads turn, black short hairstyles are so hot it could already run the world of hair fashion!

Kamis, 14 April 2016

9 Essential Beauty Products for Every College-Going Girl

Guys, we all know that our college session is the best time ever in our life. This is the time of making awesome friends, exciting crushes, outing with friends, bunking classes and of course studying too! Well, being a girl, you obviously want to look your best but on your affordable budget and you don't want to compromise also. Thus, in this article, I am going to help you look awesome by giving some basic beauty essentials which you need to apply daily. Trust me guys, you will look fantastic even after chatting with friends or after late night studies and even after a long time phone call also. Below I have listed some beauty products which you need to apply everyday to look more beautiful:

1. A Refreshing Cleanser:

Using an oil-free cleanser is really required for every college-going girl. The college years pass with horrific pimple and acne problems. If you have naturally an awesome skin, then you are definitely blessed. Else, you should start your day with a refreshing cleanser to make your skin fresh throughout the day.

2. An Amazing Smooth and Shine Shampoo:

Taking care of hair is very much essential. Suppose, you have made a plan for outing with friends and your hair is not properly washed. You will definitely get ashamed to go out then. A smooth and shine shampoo thus can give your hair a shiny and silky look. It will help your hair to look fresh and help you to look smart too!

3. A Lightweight Moisturizer:

Making your skin healthy and happy, you need a hydrating and lightweight moisturizer. Though your skin is oily, you should apply it daily. Because you will further get a young and supple looking skin. Trust me, after a certain age; you will thank me for this.

4. A Compact Powder:

Before going somewhere, you definitely need to blot up extra oil from your skin and you want to give your skin a matte finish look also. Well then, on a hot day, you need to touch up your makeup simply with a compact matte powder. When you will see yourself in the mirror after applying it on your face, you will know that it is actually your best friend.

5. A Smudge-free Kohl Pencil:

Girls, we are really reliant on our kajal pencil for our daily look. It is something which will make you feel fabulous and throughout the day your eyes will remain bright as usual. For better style and makeup, you can apply a waterproof and smudge-free eye liner to give your eyes a smoky effect.

6. A Mascara:

Sometimes you don't want using any makeup while going outside. But mascara is a thing which always gives you a fabulous look. Your lashes can be thicken and lengthen with a few swipes of it. For better use, carry it in your bag for any time use.

7. A Moisturizing Lip Balm:

No girl wants chapped and dry lips. Using a moisturizer lip balm sometimes can maintain your lips better and your lips will be perfect then for a kissable and lush pout. For daily wear, use one with a hint of color instead of a dry lipstick.

8. A Misty Fragrance:

Well, you definitely want to smell good always. Use a girly perfume whose smell is not wild, and you will definitely find freshness around you. In fact, when you are in class, it will help you smell wonderful and fresh throughout the day.

9. Refreshing Facial Wipes:

During the hot day in between your classes or before seeing your lover suddenly, use facial wipes to get a fresh touch. These wipes help remove oils from your face and offer SPF protection also. They play a role of face toner too. In fact, you can carry them in your bags also.
Hope, the above mentioned beauty products will give you an amazing look. Don't forget to share your experiences with me.
The author is a content writer, who loves blogging. Through her contents she wants to share some thoughts for the readers.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9331749

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Don't Look Hideous - Learn How to Use Bronzer

Most women feel that having a tanned complexion makes them look attractive. It is true if you are putting on layers of makeup, it will look like an additional layer and mostly it looks hideous. At this position, the application of bronzer is most essential. Bronzer is a critical part of the daily makeup routine and is available in the form of powders, lotions, and creams. It gives a natural, healthy look and makes you stand out in the crowd. It helps protect your skin from harsh weather making it look very fresh & delicately darken your face to give a tanned complexion. It correctly is used to highlight areas of the cheekbone, chin & forehead and also helps cover-up the unattractive facial features.
Don't Look Hideous - Learn How to Use Bronzer 1

How to Apply Bronzer

Before you use bronzer, the first thing to focus on is the selection. Because you need to select the right bronzer depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you need to use a bronzer with powder base. Otherwise, the oils from your makeup collect in and clog your pores and which can cause acne. Or aggravate it if you already have acne. Now, you don't want to end up with reddened bumps on the chin, cheeks & your forehead, do you? If your skin is dry, you should select gel or cream based. Now, you will be asking how to use bronzer powder? For applying, use a short fluffy brush to apply very gently. You can also use a light hand for application. While using, you need to focus on areas that the sun would naturally hit if you are outdoors. These are the forehead, chin and jaw line. Make use of a sweeping motion on top of your brow bone and circular motions on your cheeks and chin. After completing that part, dust away the excess bronzer on your face. There are Bronzer beads which can give you the look of being out in the sun. How to use bronzer beads? Well, they are nothing but small spherical shaped compressed mineral powders of different shades. You just need to sweep your brush over the dots of particular shades of your choice and stroke over your face.
Don't Look Hideous - Learn How to Use Bronzer 2


Bronzer is an essential part of your daily makeup routine and is available in many forms and shades. It gives a healthy, fresh & natural look & helps protect your skin from harsh outdoor conditions. It truly creates magic in your makeup and gives you the beautiful look that you deserve.
For more information about how to use bronzer, please visit our site: howtousebronzer.com

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How to Straighten Hair Without Heat or Chemicals

Straight hair without heat seems to be an understatement, especially for women who love the pampering comfort of salons. We learned from hair experts that certain chemicals and hair styling equipments can give us flawlessly beautiful straight hair. On the contrary, we are also aware that excessive hair styling and heat can cause damage to our beloved tresses. But don't fret, because there are tons of natural ways to get straight hair without heat nor harsh chemicals.
How to Straighten Hair Without Heat or Chemicals

Straight hair is an all time favorite among us women. We go to salons, spending lots of dollars and long hours, in hopes of achieving those luscious locks that we adore from models on TV for shampoo and hair product commercials. The idea of hair stylists pampering your mane sounds inviting (and relaxing). But before rushing to your next salon visit, do you know that there are easier and less costly means of how to straighten hair without leaving the incomparable comfort of your home? You heard it right, they are just waiting to be discovered!
To save you from the hassle of an expensive procedure for straight hair, we will be revealing tried and tested alternative means of getting straight hair without heat and harmful chemicals.

Natural Methods to Get Straight Hair without Heat

How to Straighten Hair Without Heat or Chemicals 1

Use Flat Paddle Brush

The Flat Paddle Brush is designed for taming and maintaining the straight hair texture. If you have unruly and wavy hair, you can achieve straight hair without heat with this type of brush. Right after washing and towel drying your hair, brush the strands continuously with the use of cool air, which you can do in front of a fan until the hair dries completely. You might not get slick hair, but it will surely be straighter than the original state, especially if done regularly.

Roll It

You might be wondering how to straighten hair with this method. Hair rollers are considered ancient but are still very helpful, not only for curls, but for straight hair as well.
To achieve straight hairstyles without heat, use rollers on damp hair. For longer hair, consider bigger rollers and let it air dry until the hair is completely dry. This process takes more time, but at least you'll save your locks from breakage.

Wrap Around

Comb your hair while it is still wet, until it is smooth and free of tangles. Divide into two halves, straight down the middle. Lightly stretch your hair and wrap the strands around the back of your head while securing it with Bobby pins. Cover your hair with a silk scarf or cloth to keep frizz at bay and let it dry overnight.
How to Straighten Hair Without Heat or Chemicals 2

If done correctly, this method will give you a straight hairstyle without the risk of heat damage - not to mention the natural volume and body that comes with it.

Condition with Cold Milk

Milk is rich in protein, which is essential to healthy hair. Using cold milk as a conditioner will not only promote hair growth and strengthen your mane. It also promotes soft, smooth, and relaxed strands - giving you straighten hair instantly. To make sure that you cover all the hair from the roots down to the tips, pour the milk into a spray bottle and spray religiously. Allow the milk to condition your hair for 30 to 45 minutes, then rinse with cold water.
How to Straighten Hair Without Heat or Chemicals 6

Massage with Castor Oil

There is really nothing complicated about getting straight hair without hea, especially when you know where to look. Castor oil can be a darling in the kitchen, but it also does wonders to the hair. This could ultimately end your quest on how to straighten hair naturally. Before washing, simply apply castor oil all over your hair from the roots to the ends. For maximum effect, keep it on for at least an hour. Cleanse with mild shampoo and conditioner, and you're good to go!

Coconut Milk and Lemon Hair Mask

These two natural ingredients create a powerful mixture for those seeking a solution on how to straighten hair without heat, harmful chemicals or visiting the salon. This method is as simple as mixing equal amounts of coconut milk and lemon juice to create a hair mask. Mix it well and allow to cool in the refrigerator. Apply as a mask all over your hair for an hour, rinse and condition as usual.
How to Straighten Hair Without Heat or Chemicals 3

When asked about how to straighten hair, heat is often the instant answer. We believe it's time to break some hair traditions by offering more natural ways to straight hair. One thing many women don't know about the process of getting a straight hairstyle is that cool setting is just as effective as using heat while setting the hair in place, which makes the idea of straight hair without heat possible. Just remember to choose the cool setting over heat. No heat, no damage!
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